"You're A Joy-Maker" and "Your Lovely Eyes"
(by Branché)



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    L y r i c s    b y    B r a n c h é    

From "Your Lovely Eyes"

To fulfill your wishes,

Where else would I rather be

If not vis-à-vis

Your lovely eyes?


From "You're A Joy-Maker"


Your love is like the shower
After a drought.

Your love is the sunshine
Prevailing over the clouds.

Your love is essential
Without a doubt.

Your love feels like the standard
In the heavenly abode.

Your good offices sing me
Happiness aloud.

You're a joy-maker -
Charming inside-out.

You are my verse and stanza
To always sing about.

Your love delights like the
Flowers when Winter bows out.





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